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I’m Lonely
Every day is like winter
Now you’ve gone
So lonely
There are times when I feel
I can’t go on
But I say to myself
That you will come back to me
And you know that
I will wait so patiently

So lonely, every day
My word seems so dough and grey
I see you in my dreams
But you’re far, far away
And I know you’ll be gone
Whit the first light of the dawn
And I’m all by myself alone

So lonely
Why did I love go long
I wish I knew
Please tell me
For there’s nothing
I wouldn’t do for you
When you feel all alone
You will find you need a friend
Who will be there always be there
To the end

So lonely
Without you there’s no future I can see
If only you were here
I could hold you close to me
But I pray that one day
You’ll say you I’m lonely too
So lonely becouse you love me too


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